Lisa Roberts, Professional Triathlete.

Pop quiz: what’s your direct link between your Quads of Fury and your Soul Crushing Gears?……
That’s right, your chain. This vital piece of equipment needs to be kept clean and lubricated regularly so you can throw down watts and leave your competition in the dust.
Here’s how I treat my chain.
Squirt Lube is:
• Wax-based dry lubricant. It’s 4 different waxes emulsified in water. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t gunk up.
• Good for all weather conditions
• 100% biodegradable
• Lighter, thinner version for use in colder climates

About once a week I check out my chain and with a dry brush will sweep away any dried excess wax buildup and apply a drop of SquirtLube to the inside of my chain, each link. I’ll wipe off any that got on the outside of the chain, a few spins of the cranks, and she’s ready to go for the next ride.
This is the great part – once you have this on the chain, you don’t have to degrease the chain again. If the chain gets a little black (superficial road grime) you can clean the chain with the Bio Bike cleaner.
It works best if you start out by putting it on a completely clean chain. So, completely degrease and rinse off a new chain or one that has another type of lube already on it.
That’s it! Easy, right?
Thanks for watching and I’ll see you around!